"Adult Yacht"

"ADULT YACHT" is our Adult, Learn to Sail a Yacht program.


You will be taken through all the aspects of sailing a yacht in open waters safely.

Lessons covered in "Adult Yacht" program includes.

* Yacht preparation.

* Departing and returning to a dock safely.

* Safely using mooring lines to secure the yacht to a dock.

* Understanding the different positions on the yacht.

* Safe Boat handling.

* Safe operation of a winch and high load ropes.

* Mainsail, Jib and spinnaker controls.

* Basic Steering techniques.

* "Man overboard" procedure.

* "Heave to" procedure.

Maximum of 4 Adults and 1 Instructor onboard for all sessions.

Participants must be aged between 17 and 80 years of age.

It is highly recommended participants complete the "Adult Dinghy" course prior to taking this course.

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