STEP 1, for 6 to 16yo, Learn to Sail a Small dinghy. known as "Gybers".

The first step for your child to Learn to Sail is our "Gybers" sessions.

The AOS supplies everything required and takes your child from understanding the boats parts and recognising the importance of being safe on the water.

Theory and Practical components are both conducted in each of our "Gybers" sessions.

STEP 2, for 8 to 16yo, Learn to Race a Small dinghy. known as "Flags".

The second step for your child is to Learn to Race is our "Flags" sessions.

The AOS supplies everything required and takes your child from knowing how to Sail to introducing them to racing.

Even if your child doesn't intend to race, Learning how to Sail fast will assist them in becoming more confident with their sailing skills.

The AOS also offers free advise should you decide you wish to purchase a boat for your child. Giving you information on each different class of boat on offer, and how to pick a good boat, from a bad boat.

STEP 3, for 8 to 16yo, The AOS Local Regatta.

The AOS "LOCAL REGATTA" is designed to have your children race in a friendly competition where learning, having Fun, and improving their already known skills are practiced in a safe waterway. A progression from our learning to sail, this regatta is designed to give confidence before attending the AOS Junior Supported Regattas.

10 Laser Bugs are supplied with both training and race rigs for your child to use dependant upon the weather on the day.

When?                   Subject to Interest shown.

Time?                    10am till 2.30pm with a break for lunch.

How many races? As many as we can fit in within the time frame.

Rules?                   Basic rules will apply for avoiding collisions.

Where?                  The AOS Lake, or Maroochy River.

Using a venue allowing the parents to Learn from the Childs racing is an important part of the family understanding how to support their child in this sport.

STEP 4, for 8 to 16yo, "Junior Supported Regatta" attendance.

The fourth step for your child is to attend one (or more) of our "Junior Supported regattas".

The AOS supplies everything required so the parent doesn't need to purchase a boat.

Regattas are conducted within a 2 hour drive of the Sunshine Coast and are used by families to have a weekend away.

Camping is popular during these events with each Regatta hand picked for enhancing the sailors skill level, but doing so in a very safe and friendly environment.

AOS Head Coach, Robbie Lea mentors and Coaches your child at each Regatta and there is no limit to the amount of regattas you can attend.

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