The Business.


The AOS Academy of Sailing opened its doors to business on 1st of July 2011.


We have introduced thousands of customers to the sport with Quality Instruction. Many have gone on with their sailing to become members of sailing clubs throughout Australia, and overseas.


The General Public are invited to attend as well as Educational facilities, Schools and Universities.


All Sailing Craft used are Safe, All safety equipment and Rescue Craft are in Good Condition and continually upgraded to stay with the current trends. Our Learn to Sail facility is protected and not open to passing water-born traffic.


Insurances, Certificates, Monthly Risk Assessments and a Maintenance program are all adhered to enabling the Centre to conduct its business at a High Standard.

AOS Instructors and Assistant Instructors.


AOS employees are not chosen by the pieces of paper they bring. They are chosen on their ability and personality.


Their On Water Sailing abilities, early identification of associated Risks and their ability to deal with each Risk promptly without needing to be directed to ensure your safety are each Instructors strong points.


Of Uppermost importance is their personable attitude.

This is very important as we view everyone attending our Centre as being a  part of the AOS extended family.


We are very proud of our Assistants and wont employ sub standard Instructors just to make up the numbers. Each one of our Instructors and Assistant Instructors are currently sailing and racing their own craft each week. Furthering their own knowledge of the sport.