"FLAGS" for 8 to 16 Youth is our young sailors, Learn to race program.

The AOS takes your child from knowing how to Sail to introducing them to racing.

Even if your child doesn't intend to race, Learning how to Sail fast will assist them in becoming more confident with their sailing skills.

Our "Flags" Learn to Race sessions have the use of Race sails (Bigger than training sails) encouraging the sailor to sail faster with more confidence.

Understanding the Flag signals used in races, extended knowledge of skills and rules, strategising and the use of tactics are all part of a "Flags" session.

Mid Week sessions are available.

Weekend sessions are available.

10 "AOS" supplied Laser Bugs are available, plus up to 10 privately owned Small dinghies may be invited.


The ideal session if you wish your child to step into the sport of Sailing before attending AOS supported regattas.

Lessons covered in a "Flags" session may include.

* Boat preparation, tuning and sail trim setup.

* How to Sail Fast on all points of sail.

* Boat handling drills.

* Recognising the official flags.

* Knowing the difference between Tactics and Race Strategy.

* Race Start practice.

* Advanced Sailboat racing rules.

* Clean Air vs Dirty Air zones.

Our Coach's are all quality sailboat racers with plenty of experience behind them. Representing South Queensland, Queensland and Australia is part of the criteria required to be an AOS Coach.

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